ABSIDE is a regional company founded in 2011 by ex-SAP members. Since its foundation, the company has been focused on providing innovative and flexible forms of SAP solutions, with an alternative delivery to the traditional one. It takes advantage of the growing trend in the cloud, at both SAP Solutions level and the use of Cloud Consulting concepts.


ABSIDE emerges as an independent and differentiated ally of SAP, offering an Integral Portfolio of Services and Tools designed to help its clients to obtain the best return on investment of their Technology Platform. Abside delivers world-class services in all phases of its initiatives, strategic vision and market demands by combining the knowledge and experience of Consultancy, Education and Operations Support.


Regarding its unique value proposition for customers and the ecosystem, the ultimate goal of ABSIDE is to be recognized by the SAP community as the best SAP Partner option, based on ground rules of quality and innovation.


"Our differential consists of a comprehensive and personalized dedication to the customer, our custom-made advice and our experience and quality which allows us to lead both the services and solutions market. This makes us your best strategic partner". Carlos Blanco. Director.